“Delightful child-friendly show which combines dance, bright costumes and an easily comprehensible fairytale plot in order to talk about life, death and how change is the only constant”.

It’s a sweet tale simply told, and suitable for young children. The four performers present the story in compelling, vibrantly physical style, with wonderful DIY costumes and a bit of gentle interactivity with the children in the audience enriching the experience. director Marta Mari has ensured that the nicely freighted educational content comes across smoothly and without preaching.  

The play, written by Jack Dickson, is intended to stimulate children’s interest and awareness in sustainability and ecological issues such as Ash die-back. There is a lot of technical information included but in ways that make you wish all learning could be as entertaining. Harry would tell his friends that it is ‘funny, exciting and brilliant’ and Violet that ‘it’s interesting, and you learn about trees and birds (including something surprising about Blackbirds), and that it is funny and lively’. 8-12 age group. Fraxi Queen of the Forest is the perfect show for them. Intelligent, thoughtful, thoroughly researched and relevant, with beautiful costumes and first class performances.

Fringe Review, Recommended Show

The story was very good and it kept me interested all the way through.

Cora Dibdin (age 7) All Edinburgh Theatre

It may seem an unlikely task but Asylon Theatre have created a beautiful and intensely moving piece of theatre inspired by the devastating ash- dieback disease that is spreading across the country. Currently showing in the Fletcher Building at RBGE at 11am each morning the show is adverstised for age 8+ but I feel that people of all ages, adults as well as children, will enjoy and be moved by this passionate play that combines physical theatre and drama with a story of three generations of woodlanders and one regal ash tree. The story is narrated by a child and this makes it all the more poignant. It is performed by three actors who move around the stage with energy and pitch perfect timing so with minimum props you feel immersed within the ash forest at all seasons and in all weathers. 

Ian Edwards Head of Exhibition & Events - Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Fraxi is a moving testimony of the special relationship between people and trees and how trees are essential to our wellbeing in the widest sense of the word. It explores the natural cycles of the life and death of an ash tree in a meaningful way and illustrates the inter-connectedness of plants and animals through different characters. The show brings together real science, health and wellbeing and expressive arts and addresses various parts of the Curriculum for Excellence providing many opportunities for the teacher to develop the themes it brings up.

Cath Evans Education Officer - Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

 “A breath of fresh air to see such a thoughtful show brought to the younger audience”

 "love letter to nature's guardians, a gentle, buoyant, lyrical mix of folklore and science, performed by three loving storytellers”

 “The whole show is enganging from begining to end. Loved it so much, can watch it several times. Its amazing”.

 “One of the charms of this work is that it manages to capture so many important ideas in one short, apparently simple tale – easy for young children and those older ones amongst us to grasp”!

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